Lion's Pride
  • A lion has lost his voice. Perhaps a case for the monkey doctor? Clay-animation (4 min) I made in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. More information in an online interview at This animation won the People’s Choice Award at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2011, York, England. Learn more about the monkey's new adventures by liking his facebook page. 2010.
  • Compilation of my Character animation, mostly from 2016 - 2018.
  • Compilation of my explanimations, up to 2016.
  • Heinz is a feature animation based on the Dutch comics of Windig and de Jong. We worked in a relatively small team in Amsterdam. I animated scenes with the characters Heinz, Heinzilla, Zakzilla, DJ Quark, and both morph scenes in the film. Released April 2019.
De Tand des Tijds
  • First animated Dutch feature for television. Character animation for Ka-Ching Cartoons Studio. Above the title song (as example for the style, I worked on other scenes). On the website of NPO Start the full film can be seen (though only in the Netherlands). 2018.
  • A series from American Girl about five best friends playing in a lush garden. Design of the series, and animation of the first season took place in The Netherlands. I worked on character animation in Toon Boom Harmony. 2017.
  • The live action series 'Knofje' (2002) is a creation of Burny Bos and was inspired on his young daughter Tamara Bos. Sixteen years later Tamara picked up the work herself and wrote the new animation series. I worked on character animation in Toon Boom Harmony. 2018.
Berthing place
  • Finding a berthing place on European water ways. Animation for a pilot project of Corisma, commisioned by Funk-e. December 2015.
Lock Planning
  • Lock planning of the 21st century? An app of course! Animation for a pilot project of Corisma, commisioned by Funk-e. December 2015.
  • Commercial for web and tv, promoting the Christmas Circus of Cascade, for Theater of Utrecht. Based on illustrations of Aad Goudappel. November 2013.
Management Book
  • Opening and closing animation for teasers, inviting you to visit lextures of Management Book. Based on illustrations of Aad Goudappel. January 2014.
License Plate Parking
  • How do the new parking meters in Rotterdam work? Animation for an awareness campaign by Tappan Communicatie. Based on illustrations of Aad Goudappel. June 2014.
  • How Regional Tax Group makes life easier (Regionale Belasting Groep: RBG). Animation based on illustrations of Aad Goudappel. Campaign by AndAssociates. Januay 2014.
Between motion and stillness
  • How do you move when you do nothing? In this workshop by Suzie Templeton I worked with Simon Scheiber on an animation to research movement in rest. Simon animated his character Dallan the lighthouse keeper (with beard, left); I animated Dr Knowgood (with tongue, right). September 2012.
Ugly Princess
  • Shadowplay and animation for the backdrop of 'The Ugly Princess', a theaterplay for and by children (directed by Maarten Bakker). Commissioned by theater school Rabarber. Music: Marne Miesen; Photos: Milán Tettero; Costumes: Marjo van der Pols. February 2013.
  • My niece Eva is an adopted child. A short clay animation to celebrate her arrival in the Netherlands. 2008.
Foreign Affairs
  • E-learning animations for Dutch embassies abroad, distributed on dvd. 35 minutes of animation, commissioned by Cirquest, Amsterdam April 2007.
  • Maarten doesn't know what to do, when he finds out he's in love. Clay animation made during the 'Three month animation course' in Bristol. 2008.
  • My friend Joana emigrated to the United States. Animation based on photographs that I made on the beach. Composition in After Effects. February 2007.