Lion's Pride
  • A lion has lost his voice. Perhaps a case for the monkey doctor? Clay-animation (4 min) I made in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This animation won the People’s Choice Award at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2011, York, England.
  • Compilation of my character animation, from 2016 - 2021.
  • Heinz is a feature animation based on the Dutch comics of Windig and de Jong. We worked in a relatively small team in Amsterdam. I animated scenes with the characters Heinz, Heinzilla, Zakzilla, DJ Quark, and both morph scenes in the film. Released April 2019.
De Tand des Tijds
  • First animated Dutch feature for television. Character animation for Ka-Ching Cartoons Studio. Above the title song (as example for the style, I worked on other scenes). On the website of NPO Start the full film can be seen (though only in the Netherlands). 2018.
  • A series from American Girl about five best friends playing in a lush garden. Design of the series, and animation of the first season took place in The Netherlands. I worked on character animation in Toon Boom Harmony. 2017.
  • The live action series 'Knofje' (2002) is a creation of Burny Bos and was inspired on his young daughter Tamara Bos. Sixteen years later Tamara picked up the work herself and wrote the new animation series. I worked on character animation in Toon Boom Harmony. 2018.
Berthing place
  • Finding a berthing place on European water ways. Animation for a pilot project of Corisma, commisioned by Funk-e. December 2015.
Lock Planning
  • Lock planning of the 21st century? An app of course! Animation for a pilot project of Corisma, commisioned by Funk-e. December 2015.
  • Commercial for web and tv, promoting the Christmas Circus of Cascade, for Theater of Utrecht. Based on illustrations of Aad Goudappel. November 2013.
Management Book
  • Opening and closing animation for teasers, inviting you to visit lextures of Management Book. Based on illustrations of Aad Goudappel. January 2014.
License Plate Parking
  • How do the new parking meters in Rotterdam work? Animation for an awareness campaign by Tappan Communicatie. Based on illustrations of Aad Goudappel. June 2014.
  • How Regional Tax Group makes life easier (Regionale Belasting Groep: RBG). Animation based on illustrations of Aad Goudappel. Campaign by AndAssociates. Januay 2014.
Between motion and stillness
  • How do you move when you do nothing? In this workshop by Suzie Templeton I worked with Simon Scheiber on an animation to research movement in rest. Simon animated his character Dallan the lighthouse keeper (with beard, left); I animated Dr Knowgood (with tongue, right). September 2012.
Ugly Princess
  • Shadowplay and animation for the backdrop of 'The Ugly Princess', a theaterplay for and by children (directed by Maarten Bakker). Commissioned by theater school Rabarber. Music: Marne Miesen; Photos: Milán Tettero; Costumes: Marjo van der Pols. February 2013.
  • My niece Eva is an adopted child. A short clay animation to celebrate her arrival in the Netherlands. 2008.
Foreign Affairs
  • E-learning animations for Dutch embassies abroad, distributed on dvd. 35 minutes of animation, commissioned by Cirquest, Amsterdam April 2007.
  • Maarten doesn't know what to do, when he finds out he's in love. Clay animation made during the 'Three month animation course' in Bristol. 2008.
  • My friend Joana emigrated to the United States. Animation based on photographs that I made on the beach. Composition in After Effects. February 2007.